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Shellios – A Smart Helmet for Urban riders

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A Smart Helmet for the Urban Rider

SHELLIOS is building the next-gen Smart Helmets, solving the problems that today’s riders face with pollution, heat, and communication.

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A helmet is an important riding gear, and every person who rides a two-wheeler must wear a helmet for his or her own safety. Now, as this is the age of technology, the helmets that one wears has improved significantly in terms of technology being used behind the automation of a helmet.
SHELLIOS is building the next-gen Smart Helmets, solving the problems that today’s riders face with pollution, heat, and communication.
Many of us have driven motorcycles and scooters at some point of time. Currently, helmets are being used by 2 wheeler riders to predominantly serve the basic need of safety only. It’s like carrying a piece of thermocol and plastic over your head. This is when we, as riders, face grave problems with heat, bad air quality, poor visibility, challenges in navigation, and problems with connectivity during our rides on Indian roads.
The main features this helmet offers are
  • Transparent display
  • Convenient display position
  • GPS Navigation
  • Fog/Scratch & glare resistant visor
  • Quick release chin strip & visor


Understanding the target audience for the product
Developing an engaging story line for the product.


The team was suppose to develop a website for A Smart Helmet, which could display all the features that the helmet had to offer to the urban rider. The website would display all the features of the helmet, as well as display a story line, as to why such a product is important for the people that rode a two-wheeler on a frequent basis.
The website was designed and developed  from scratch on WordPress. The team chose WordPress for this project due to it’s ease of use, cost effective, SEO friendly, and the content can be updated easily.
The team started by using Salient Theme for WordPress. This theme was chosen because it had all the features that we needed to embed into the website as well as the theme interface. The team developed a story line for the website, as to why a Smart Helmet was important, the harmful effects of pollution, and why one needed a product like Shellios. All the features of the helmet were listed. Special attention was given by the team at the user interface of the website.

Business Benifits

DOT/ECE safety measures certified, Fog/Scratch & glare resistant visor, Quick release chin strip & visor
Lightweight and Aerodynamic design
Delivery within 24 hours, also catering to customized requests made by the user.
GPS navigation, Always in focus, Transparent display

Industry Segment

Motorbike Accessories

Technology and Tools Used

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Google Cloud Services

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