Shellios - The Beginning of a Motorcycle Tech Revolution

Two months ago, as we were doing our regular stuff in the office, building an optimised code which performs well on all devices, we came across a project requested by a client, which is by far, the most innovative and intuitive project we have been a part of so far.

It was the project of a kind of Smart helmet, by which daily riders like us were impressed by.

We were supposed to develop the website for the product including the logo, design, color scheme etc.

We were all very excited to work on this project as this could prove to be a great product for Indian as well as International clients.

So, we all started on the project with great enthusiasm. I had a very unique design for the logo in my mind. It all started very well.

We presented the project update each week to the mentor and owner of the project, Mr.Amit Pathak.

As we rode daily to our office, the problem domain was quite easily understood by us and thus we could publish a more detailed and a real version of the problems faced by the daily commuters in a city like New Delhi, where pollution is a major issue.

After the logo was designed and was acknowledged by Mr. Amit Pathak, we quickly went onto the basic wire frame of the website.  With the wireframe in hand, we had a visual appearance in our mind, on how the website would look.

We picked up the designing part of the website as soon as we had the wireframe.

Our main aim was top enlighten our customer about the harmful effects of air pollution on our health and how Shellios Helmet was able to provide a smart, effective and intelligent solution for it.

We listed all the problems, took information from our most dearest friend  (google), through which we were also amazed by, and then listed all the plus points about the Shellios Helmet on how

  • It provides 99{0de7ec389855b9d7aef2e05c970773ef7994d079bf720baa24bf65e014cc7b5b} pure air within the helmet
  • its dust proof
  • has detachable modules
  • has Bluetooth connectivity
  • Lightweight and aerodynamic

We then thought that the customers should be aware of how dangerous is air pollution and what are the risks people are running on while riding daily in a polluted city like, Delhi.

So, we designed a page where we told our customers about the harmful effects of air pollution and how Shellios Helmet could prove to be an accurate solution to tackle this major problem. We designed a story page for the helmet and gave it a look and feel of a timeline to show how the idea was started and how modern it has become now in its own way and approach.We then showed him the finished project on how we were able to create a story with the advanced and modern technology. And we got a very very warm and welcoming response.

While working on this project, we were all very delighted as a team because it was a very unique idea, and we were able to connect to it on a personal level.

It was really great working on a smart and intelligent idea like this.

We always try to provide the best to our customers by working together and provide them with the projects within the specified time limit and with the best of our abilities.

Thank You!

Shellios – A smart helmet for the Urban Rider