Founder Resources

We build tools and resources to help non-technical business people and founders. Using these resources you can spend more time solving important problems and less time understanding technical nitty gritties.


We’ve put together the Ultimate(Free) Cryptocurrency Exchange Application UI/UX Kit to help you save hours of research and work.

Each business in this world needs to present itself in the most efficient manner to clients, investors or employees. We have created a set of slides which has every detail that one may be needing to impress stakeholders

This Powerpoint Slide is built by years of research and experience. This is the same formula that has helped startup founders raise millions. We have included the important elements that a winning pitch should have.

This is a standard NDA that we use when we start a project with a client. It can be modified and applied to any other purpose as well.

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Every product company suffers by the lack of proper communication and violation of timelines because of this, using our years of product development experience, we have made a simple “Product Requirement Document” that will help you get started at once

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