Smart Hotels Need Smart Apps



Our Hospitality Service App helps your guests to order any hotel service without having to visit or call the often busy front desk. Everything is just two clicks away.

Online Chat

Have some Query for the reception or another department? Reach the right person with our live chat option.

Request Services

Let your Guests Request hotel services, cleaning services, a taxi or even a wake-up call.
Right from the App.
Hospitality Service App gives you the ability to solve the common problems of your hotel and its guests.
How?  By accessing the potential of mobile devices.

Amplify Guest Spendings

Encourage your guests to spend as much as possible by upselling your services or promote services or products from your local partners. You’ll build a new source of revenue that will help you earn back the money you had to pay for commissions to OTAs and Booking Engines.

Gather Feedbacks

With our Feedback System, learn how guests feel about your hotel and its services prior to their checkout. Satisfy each and every guest and eliminate any potential negative reviews on TripAdvisor or Google Reviews.

Influence of Mobile Devices in Hotel Industry


Hotel guests prefer an application over a website.


Hotel guests prefer to order or reserve hotel services via mobile devices.


Hotel guests will prioritize a hotel that offers an mobile application
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