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Startups are a boom in every part of the world. There are several startups that are coming at front catering to a variety of users. For a successful startup, the most important thing is Funding. Not every startup is lucky enough to get their funding from investors. This problem is rectified with Delhi Angels.
Delhi Angels is a platform where different startups can register themselves and then can find investors that are ready to invest in their startup. Delhi Angels in India’s Leading Angel Investment Network, where different startups can find investors and can raise funding for their startup.


Integrating an engaging stortline for the website which is easy to understand by the users


The team was suppose to develop a website for A Smart Helmet, which could display all the features that the helmet had to offer to the urban rider. The website would display all the features of the helmet, as well as display a story line, as to why such a product is important for the people that rode a two-wheeler on a frequent basis.
The website was designed and developed  from scratch on WordPress. The team chose WordPress for this project due to it’s ease of use, cost effective, SEO friendly, and the content can be updated easily.
The team started by using Salient Theme for WordPress. This theme was chosen because it had all the features that we needed to embed into the website as well as the theme interface. The team developed a story line for the website, as to why a Smart Helmet was important, the harmful effects of pollution, and why one needed a product like Shellios. All the features of the helmet were listed. Special attention was given by the team at the user interface of the website.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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