5 Changes to Your Website That Could Increase Revenue

By February 22, 2018 No Comments

1 Keep your design simple

It is normal that you want to share as much information as possible to your audience, however, you absolutely need to avoid to overwhelm people with too much information, otherwise, they will be lost and then quit

A simple design helps to provide a good feeling to your audience. This kind of design is used to show valor of modernity and clarity. Furthermore, it will help your user to see more clearly the info available. Because users will spend more time on your website, then they are more likely to become customers.


2 Add video content

A good way to improve the attention of your audience to the content you are proposing is to replace long pages of full-text information by a short video. A video is way more attractive for the audience and has a better retention rate than the other type of info.

There are multiple kinds of video which exist but the two mains are the face-cam ones and the fully designed ones.


3 Use personalized “Call-to-action” (CTA)

A Call-To-Action is an element that tells the reader to do an action. For example, it can be a link to the registration page or a “Buy now” button. There is a lot of different call to action which depends from website to website.

A personalized CTA is more specific because it addresses to a particular type of visitor, depending on their previous actions. In other terms, the CTA will lead to a different page depending on the type of user you are. For example, a new user will see a Registration button appears when an ancient customer will see a link to the latest product.

The use of personalized CTA allows Hubspot in a previous campaign to convert 42{0de7ec389855b9d7aef2e05c970773ef7994d079bf720baa24bf65e014cc7b5b} more visitors into leads.


4 Use Testimonials and Case Studies

A testimonial, also called “Feedbacks” is the main way your users will comment your products and/or your website. Th first benefit from testimonials is the constructive aspect because it will help you a lot to improve your product. One single comment often represents the point of view of multiple one so it needs to take it seriously. Another benefit from feedbacks is the trust they help to build between you and your user, even a new visitor will see that and then, be more likely to trust you. But for that, the comment section needs to be clearly apparent on the main page.

The case studies also help to build trust. Indeed, it is one of the best ways for your visitor to judge your work. The fact that you share our work also gives the feeling you are confident in your work.


 5 Go Global

Most businesses are now setting worldwide activities because of the digital factor which facilitates the diffusion of the information, especially via the Internet. The foreign market represents almost every time a big opportunity for a fast growth.

Nevertheless, in order to take advantage of this opportunity, your website needs to allow people from different countries to go into it. So your website needs to have at least an English version.

If you already have important ongoing businesses in other countries you can do different versions of your website, one for each country. The “local” version will then provide only the information and product related to the local country.